Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Season 5 Episode ''The Lilo'' Available For Free On iTunes!

''The Lilo'' is now available for FREE on iTunes! If your planning on getting it, grab it fast because it probably won't be up for free for long. You can get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/the-lilo/id552191076?i=555015375

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Season 5 Episode 1 ''The Lilo'' Clips

Credits go to MagixJourney and BelieveInWinx.
Well, here we go, our first look into season 5 episodes. It also looks like my previous post and TV guide were wrong. The first episode is not titled ''The Spill'' but ''The Lilo''. Judging by these clips (and my tv info guide) the little girl that kicked Stromy is Mitzi's sister (wait, Mitzi had a sister?) and she took a special flower that the Trix wanted.

Now, the second clip shows Flora training for something, though it's unclear what she's actually doing it for. My thought is that she's training to earn a new power. (Does Harmonix sound familiar?) It would make sense considering the Winx are now assistant teachers, so they would'ne be training along with the other students.

What are you thoghts on the clips? Are you looking forward to the season 5 premire?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Season 5 Opening + Lyrics!

English lyrics:
We are Winx!
Friends! Do it! Magic!
Every day is a challenge for us...
But we are here!
Ready to win!
A look at a smile and then go!
You can fly through the stars with us
You know .... there's nothing that will stop us!
Always together! together again!
We are Winx!
Friends! Do it! Magic!
If you need to know
We are here with you!
We are Winx!

So what do you guys think of the new opening song? Would you like to hear it in the English version as well?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Timetoplay Giving Away Free Winx Club Dolls!

Is this exciting or what? Be sure to go to Timetoplay's twitter page on August 22 to participate on the online game show where yoou can win free Winx Club dolls!
Good luck to all who participate!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Season 5 Episode 1 ''The Spill''

As already posted my MagixJourney, BelieveInWinx, and Winx4Life, Direct TV gave away the title of the first episode of season 5. It's called 'The Spill.'.

You can view what the summary (which I've listed below) here: https://www.directv.com/entertainment/program/details/EP006631350180_751682

''In the kingdom of Andros, Aisha's Uncle Neptune plans to make his son Nereus a prince; Nereus' twin brother disrupts the crowning ceremony and is sent to prison. ''

I can't wait for season 5!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Season 5 New Official Trailer For August 26!

Credits go to BelieveInWinx.

So, even though the promo just says, This Sunday At 12, I'm pretty sure it's for the August 26. (Thats' how BelieveInWinx labled it.) How exciting is this?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Season 5 Is Airing August 26?

As already posted on www.winxfairiesnews.blogspot.com, someone on YouTube saw a sign that said  the Beyond Believix season 5 premire is going to air August 26.
But wasn't season 5 supposed to air in October? What happened to thsat original air date? Well, in Italy season 5 is going to air on October 23. They're keeping the original air date.

Anyway, hopefully that the sign is right, and season 5 will air sooner than expected in the U.S. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exclusive Photots From Target's Winx Club Products!

Hey guys! So today, I went to the nearest Target store in my area, and took some phohots of the Winx Club products they had there! Take a look!

The main brands that surrounded the Winx Club dolls were Moxie Girl dolls, and toys from the showVictorius. But I must say, they had a lot from the Winx Club section. They had concert dolls, believix dolls, (big and small) rockband accessories, and  the Frutti Music Bar playset. (Not to mention the wing packs and make up set.)

And, I picked up this Winx Club doll while I was there: (She was the only Tecna left!)
Please do not steal my images!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bloom And Aisha Halloween Costumes Featured In Costume Express Catalouge

The Costume Express catalouge came today in the mail (super early as always) and I browsed through it and spotted that they had Bloom and Aisha believix costumes for sale. I think they did a very good job on Bloom's costume but Aisha'a costume came out more like a Tinerbell outfit. The sizes seem to range only for children 6-10 years of age.
What do you guys think of the costumes?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winx Season 5 Coloring Pages!

The first coloring page looks it's from what's going to be the season 5 casual outfit, and the last one looks like a sailor's outfit that was seen during the season 5 trailer.

Btw guys, I just signed up for the Winx Top 100 list, so I would really appriciate it if you vote for me!:)