Thursday, August 29, 2013

Winx Club Official Season 6 Trailer!

Season 5 hasn't finished airing yet, Jakks Tecna and Musa Harmonix dolls haven't come out yet, and now the official Winx Club season 6 trailer is out! Yipee!!! No long wait! :D

Here are some of my first thoughts on the trailer:

-The new outfits are cute, but they make the Winx look very young....and kind of anime-ish.
-Another new transformation? I don't even have the Sirenix dolls yet. :P
-Where's Roxy? :(
-Is Daphne part of the club now?
-The plot looks really cool! Maybe even more interesting than season 5's plot...
-The Trix are back yet again! Oh no!
- A new witch in town? Interesting...
-Monsters? his could be interesting also...

Based on the trailer, I have my hopes set high that season 6 might not be as repetitive or lacking in character development as season 5 often did. What do you make of the trailer? Are you excited for a season 6?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

All Sirenix Dolls Hit Toys R Us Stores!

That's right! All the Sirenix dolls, including the Trix Sirenix dolls, Sparkling Lights Sirenix Bloom, and Sirenix Underwater Collection Exclusive dolls are all listed on! However, only some of them are available for purchase on the website. The rest are listed as only being available in stores.

Credits go to my affiliate Eric G from for the image.

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