Thursday, August 29, 2013

Winx Club Official Season 6 Trailer!

Season 5 hasn't finished airing yet, Jakks Tecna and Musa Harmonix dolls haven't come out yet, and now the official Winx Club season 6 trailer is out! Yipee!!! No long wait! :D

Here are some of my first thoughts on the trailer:

-The new outfits are cute, but they make the Winx look very young....and kind of anime-ish.
-Another new transformation? I don't even have the Sirenix dolls yet. :P
-Where's Roxy? :(
-Is Daphne part of the club now?
-The plot looks really cool! Maybe even more interesting than season 5's plot...
-The Trix are back yet again! Oh no!
- A new witch in town? Interesting...
-Monsters? his could be interesting also...

Based on the trailer, I have my hopes set high that season 6 might not be as repetitive or lacking in character development as season 5 often did. What do you make of the trailer? Are you excited for a season 6?

1 comment:

  1. I have a fear that this might be the last season of winx club, because of "Not all Fairy tales have a happy ending" could this mean that my perfect winx ending that I posted on winx club board is going to happen?