Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sophix Doll Comparison + Magical Adventure News

Hey guys! Sorry it's been awhile. The Winx news departmet has been slow lately, so I thought I'd do something of my own and compare the Italian Bloom Sophix doll with the one made my Jakks Pacific. Just click on the video above, and watch. Also, I want to have more discussion posts on this blog since the news vive is low, so I hope I get at least one person to share their thoughts on it with me. ^-^

And besides that, I had a little article that I've been meaning to post about Winx Club Magic Adventure movie coming to iTunes, but due to er, special circumstances, I have not received permission to post it yet.
Magical Adeventre will be released at the end of May at iTunes, with a length of only 45mins. (Nick cut it very short.) It's up for pre-order on iTunes right now. I'm not to happy about Nick cutting the movie short, but I'd think it'd be interesting to see what they've done with it.

What do you guys think? Are you happy that Nickelodeon cut the movie short, or did you expect better?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Witty Toys Winx Club Sirenix Dolls, Mermaid Dolls, And More!

Credits go to MagixJourney for news and images.

The mystery is solved! Witty Toys is the maker behind the Sirenix dolls. How they came out however...well...I'm kind of dissapointed. All the dolls have believix hair except for Bloom. But none of them have Sirenix hair. The outfits are pretty nice though! It's just the hair...it kind of sticks out too much and sets off the Sirenix mood.
I like the mermaid dolls. (Especialy Aisha!) They're something different, which is always something I look for when choosing Winx Club dolls. The tails and hairstyles are pretty. No Tecna or Musa though. (Could these dolls mean the Winx Club are going to turn into mermaids in future seasons?)
But I think I saved the best  doll for last! This special addition Stella doll is pretty and elegant. It amazingly detailed, and has sort of has a wintery feel to it. It's almost like an updated version of the lovix dolls.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winx Club Season 6 News!

Credits go to Una Di Noi and MagixJourney

Article: http://kidscreen.com/2013/04/02/rainbow-inks-multiple-international-broadcast-sales/

In the lead-up to MIPTV next week, Italian producer, distributor and licensor Rainbow has secured a raft of new TV deals for its series Winx Club, Mia and Me and Huntik.

It will also offer a sneak-peek of the brand new 26-episode sixth season of Winx Club in Cannes. The new season of the CGI-animated series for kids ages four to 12, a co-production with Nickelodeon, is set to air in spring 2014.

International broadcasters signing new deals for the property include Brazil’s SBT (season five), Disney Spain (all five seasons comprising of 130 episodes), and in Asia, Malaysia’s NTV7 and Singapore’s okto have also snapped up season five along with the theatrical Winx Club movies.

Additional Winx Club renewals for all seasons include deals with Noga (Isreal), CroNova Tv (Croatia) and Canal Panda (Portugal). France’s Neomobile has also picked up the digital distribution rights for smartphones for Winx Club and the boy-skewing Huntik.

Rounding out the new deals, Spain’s Clan TVE and Belgium’s RTBF have picked up the girl-targeting fantasy series Mia and Me while Mexico’s Televisa has taken PopPixie and Megamax has acquired Huntik for Eastern Europe.

Article Source Link: http://kidscreen.com/2013/04/02/rainbow-inks-multiple-international-broadcast-sales/

Are you guys are excited? I know I am! Hopefully we'll get to see Winx Club season 6 clips not too long after their screening.