Friday, April 12, 2013

Witty Toys Winx Club Sirenix Dolls, Mermaid Dolls, And More!

Credits go to MagixJourney for news and images.

The mystery is solved! Witty Toys is the maker behind the Sirenix dolls. How they came out however...well...I'm kind of dissapointed. All the dolls have believix hair except for Bloom. But none of them have Sirenix hair. The outfits are pretty nice though! It's just the kind of sticks out too much and sets off the Sirenix mood.
I like the mermaid dolls. (Especialy Aisha!) They're something different, which is always something I look for when choosing Winx Club dolls. The tails and hairstyles are pretty. No Tecna or Musa though. (Could these dolls mean the Winx Club are going to turn into mermaids in future seasons?)
But I think I saved the best  doll for last! This special addition Stella doll is pretty and elegant. It amazingly detailed, and has sort of has a wintery feel to it. It's almost like an updated version of the lovix dolls.

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