Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Third Winx Film?? The Next Big Adventure??!!

Note: This was translated directly from an Italian soarce.

"Pending the release of "Winx Club - The next big adventure," the third film in the CGI film planned for 2012, and the arrival of the fifth season of the TV series next year, the Winx return to the small screen, in exclusively on Raidue . The fairies are the protagonists of four special broadcast premiere in the States.
There are four TV movie titled "The fate of Bloom" (airing Nov. 21 ), "Revenge of the Trix" ( November 28 ), "Battle for Magix" ( December 5 ), and 'The Phoenix' s shadow " ( December 12 ). The movies are broadcast at 7:15 in "Cartoon Flakes" (and repeated 2 to 5 January always in the morning).
The four special sections are the first and second series of "Winx Club" , and films by Rainbow RaiFiction lasting 45 minutes each. Younger viewers are immersed in the magical world of the fairies of Alfea, to learn more about the main characters starting with the red Bloom group's leader, since he turns out to be a fairy, her companions encounter with Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora Tecna and who will share a life of adventure and magic, but their life is not the most peaceful because the evil Trix meditate revenge.
Following Bloom, in the third film, must return to Alfea and find the Trix. But not alone, the Winx and the Specialists help. In the final movie comes into play Ayesha who tried to defend Pixie, mini fairies from Phoenix Shadow, an evil wizard who took them captive in his fortress. At that point the entire group will give a hand to the new fairy magic to defeat the dark."

Sooo, I really think this is official because I saw these on some other Italian blogs, but what about''The Next Big Adventure''? If thats the title then I hope they change it. What do you guys think?
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