Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Image Of Winx Harmonix Dolls!

At first I thought these were the sirenix dolls, but I guess I was wrong! These harmonix dolls look really beautiful. And the new hairstyle looks like it's going to be double ponytails. (Althoguh, Musa's hair is very long.)

Update: Did any notice that Tecna and Bloom have the same wings?

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  1. Looks like people are getting a little bored of the designs. The Enchantix outfits were very different from each other. Same thing with Believix. But here, same hairstyle, like you said Tecna and Bloom have the same wings, and the outfits are pretty much the same, just different colors. Also the shoes look like Enchantix. But they are pretty, and it's probably hard doing so many different designs...