Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Winx Concert Dolls: My Review

Hey guys!

So through all the craziness of buying, selling, selling out, and re-marketing, I managed get 5 out of the 6 Winx In Concert Dolls made by Jakks Pacific! (Ironicly, Musa's the only one of this collection that I don't have.)
I absoultly love them!

Especially the facial featured. The eyes are all shaped corectly, and everything is in the right proportion. The make-up shades go well with the outfits and skin tones too.
One of the down sides to these dolls were that you could only bend there legs, not their arms. On the box it shows that their arms can bend but when you try, it doesn't bend. They also don't have that hour-glass
shaped figure like they do on the show. The chest is not that big, and there's barly any shpae in the torso. I think they were made like this due to fit younger girls' figures.
Here's a posing photo of Aisha:

There's alos something that I found out about these dolls which is very very cute!

They have the Winx logo (the X) on their backs and on their bottoms of their shoes! Lol!
But overall, I am happilly pleased with these dollls, and as soon as I can find a Musa one, I am denfinently going to buy it!

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  1. Lucky i have been store hunting and still can't find any. A well at least i can find them online.