Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sirenix Doll News And More!

Recently some Winx Club Sirenix dolls made by Jakks Pacific were spotted in the UK, and now all six Sirenix dolls are for sale at the Amazon UK website!
They can be bought here:

Be sure to keep your eye open for Sirenix dolls on Ebay too! It's very possible we could see more Sirenix dolls than just Bloom flying around there. ;)

Also, I'd like to bring up the Fly High All Around Winx Club Doll Campaign my affiliate Eric G from has started. The purpose of this campaign is to get Winx Club doll sales up by purchasing Winx Club merchandise in stores. (This will make a big difference in the fall when new Winx Club dolls are supposed to come out.) So in honor of the campaign, I went to my local Target store and purchased a mini Harmonix Bloom doll!
She was on clearance so I got her for a really good price too! Spread the word around about the doll campaign and be sure to purchase some Winx Club dolls!! Let's get the sales up!

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