Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Review For Season 5 Episode 5

Okay, I was very impressed with this week's episode.
So, let me start reviewing!

''Tecna, too Technical'' was the highlight of this episode! I loved it! It so fit her during this episode. But, I was sort if glad this episode was about her. Not being one of the ''main'' girls of the Winx Club, Tecna deserved an episode like this.
Some things made me sad though. Like for starters with Tritannus turning his brother and son inot monsters. It's just plain mean. (Especially since Queen Ligea got captured in season 3. She can't help but be in trouble.) And thne there were the Trix, announcing at the end of the episode with Tritannus that they were going to go after Daphne. Look what Daphne has been through! I felt so bad for her. :(

I liked Tecna's system for finding the Book of Sirenix. It seemes efficient and a step up from her usual stuff that she works with/invents/.

''Positive energy.'' Perhaps the Winx said that a bit to often during this episode.

No more Roxy? She wasn't in this episode at all.:( I seriously miss her. They didn't put her in it once.

And finally, with Sky and Bloom, it really looks like he doesn' rememebr her at all. So sad that the've been together for so long and it comes down to this. But I'm sure somehow Sky will regain his memory. And we can't forget what he said to his dad on the phone: ''Hey Erandor, what's up?''
Lost of Lol's at that funny part!

What were your thoughts on this newest episode of Winx Club?

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