Monday, September 17, 2012

Winx Club Season 5 Episode 4: My review

Okay, so it's not an offcial review, but it's the next best thing to it! So let's get started!

The first thing that I liked about this episode is that it had more action in it then the others have had. The trix attacked the Winx, using there new powers that Trtannus gave them. (Although, Tritannus didn't do much in this episode.) The winx fought back, though I wanted them to give a little more, umph, just a little something to make it look like they weren't on the short end of the stick.

Icy falling ''madly'' in love with Tritannus? Alright girl, you've teamed up with Lord Darkar and Valtor, so what maked this guy so special that you fell for him that quickly?

One thing that I really liked was the new fairy Crystal. She's creating some drama for Flora and Helia. For once it's not Musa and Riven. We'll see how this couple works this out.

ROXY!!! That's what I was shouting when she came onto the screen! I hated the way the Winx just abandoned her. I know she's not a Winx, but really, is that how friends treat friends?

And finally, the Sirenix story. It reall makes sense as to why Daphne is the way she is. It was never fully explained in the past seasons, so I was glad to see that Nick told Daphne's story. (If only it wasn't so sad.)

What were your thoughts on the episode? Did it meet your expectations?

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